1 When and where are tests and exams?

Quizzes for each chapter are available from anywhere at any time.

Tests and the final exam will take place in the classroom on your own laptop. Remember to charge your laptop. If a technical problem occurs some paper tests will be available but you will not get your grade until the following class. The online test will reveal your grade immediately upon completion.

Test times and coverage are posted on the test info link on the wiki.

2 Can I review my test after I take it?

In the new version of BBLEARN it is not possible to view your complete test after you take it. You will be able to see the questions and your answers but not the alternative answer options. One way to keep a copy is to use your browser option to "Save as a Complete Web Page" right before hitting submit. Practice doing this with quizzes so that you can do this easily after the test. This can be very helpful for review.

3 What material is covered?

The content page provides a checklist of the items we cover from the book. The quizzes should give you a good feeling for the question types and expected answers.

4 Are the tests open book?

NO - ignore any comments in the lectures to the contrary.

5 When will the grading for each question be released?

Unless otherwise specified, you will be able to see which questions you missed right after the testing session is closed. Make sure to identify which questions you got wrong and revisit the corresponding recorded lecture module. If you still don't see where you went wrong, e-mail the instructor, outlining your approach to the problem.

6 How do I resolve technical problems?

Either physically go to the Korman center and talk to a consultant or look for help online. General computer support can also be reached at 215-895-2698.

7 Why do I not get the correct answers on tests after grading?

It is your responsibility to go through the questions you got wrong, review that material again and attempt to solve those questions again. It is also your responsibility to ask to review certain questions or topics that are unclear at the workshops. You can also e-mail the instructor your questions.

8 Why are there more questions on the make-up with the same amount of time?

So you will take the first test seriously. You should be taking the first test with the objective of doing well on it. This means preparing well doing quizzes and asking questions well ahead of time over the course of the term.

9 What is the best way to study organic chemistry?

a) Keep up with the lectures.
b) As soon as you can try the quizzes.
c) For every quiz question and problem that you don’t fully understand, find the part of the lecture that covers that topic and listen again.
d) Make a list of the concepts and questions that you don’t fully grasp and bring them up at workshops
e) After your test, go through each question that you don’t fully understand why you got it wrong and bring them up at workshops
f) When you ask a question show the instructor how far you got so that the conceptual block can be uncovered. Otherwise you might as well just listen to the recording again.
g) Assume responsibility for managing your time so that all your concerns will be addressed in time.